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From our fraternity sponsored events to group study rooms on campus, there's always something to do at Mu Chapter.


When you have an organization with such capable members, it's inevitable that our monthly calendar will be filled with a wide variety events.

Professional Development

Our professional development committee is committed to helping our brothers grow into capable, polished engineers. Hosting everything from talks with companies where our alumni work to resume reviews, we want to ensure that Mu Chapter puts their best foot forward at career fairs and interviews.

Community Service

Giving back to our community is a core pillar of our fraternity, which is why each member of Mu Chapter is committed to engaging in several community service activities throughout the year. Our favorites include making dog beds for our local animal shelter, cleaning the grounds at Manderson Landing, and collecting essential items for those affected by natural disasters.



We're a fraternity for a reason! Our BB events are some of our most popular, as they aim to increase unity among our chapter. These events can be everything from video game nights, to rollerskating, to painting with Bob Ross. 

Leadership Roles

As engineers, our brothers thrive off of solving problems. Along with the opportunity to assume leadership on Mu Chapter's Executive Council, members can also sit as Committee Directors. With committees ranging from social to academics to alumni affairs, there's a place to lead for everyone.

Academic Help

Being surrounded by students of the same major is a key asset to academic success, especially in engineering. From working out problems with peers in your classes to getting tutoring from older brothers in your major, everyone at Mu Chapter wants to see you succeed. 

Intramural Sports

Engineers can play ball too! Many of our members show their competitive side on our intramural teams for various sports ranging from soccer to ultimate frisbee. We even have a few championships under our belt! 


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